18 - GEOL 0820 Ramsey Natural Disasters Spring 2011...

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GEOL 0820 Ramsey Natural Disasters Spring, 2011 LECTURE #18: Severe Weather: Introduction to Hurricanes Date: 29 March 2011 I. Hurricane Overview Hurricanes o What they are? o How they form? Storm stages: o tropical wave, tropical depression, tropical storm, o hurricane Storm growth and movement 2005 Season o worst on record ± including Epsilon and Zeta (after the “end of the season”) , there were 27 named storms, surpassing the record of 21 set in 1933 ¾ thirteen of the storms were hurricanes, edging by one the previous record set in 1969 ¾ seven of the hurricanes were considered major ± normal seasonal average is 10 named storms, six hurricanes and two major hurricanes category 5 hurricanes o 1928 to 2005 ± 29 hurricanes have been recorded at Category 5 strength o only three seasons have more than one Category 5 ± 1960, 1961, and 2005 ± 2005 season is the only season to have more than two ¾ four Category 5 storms II. Background Information most wide-spread destructive weather hazard example: Hurricane Floyd (1999) o caused $5.6 billion in losses in NC and 19 fatalities o only a category 3 (moderate level) hurricane o weaker storms affect larger areas: Page 1/5
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Hurricane Floyd (category 3) Hurricane Andrew (category 5) largest death toll on record (for any hazard) in the US o 1900 hurricane in Galveston, TX o killed over 10,000 total (> 6,000 on Galveston Island) another example: large cyclone in Bangladesh in 1970 o killed > 400,000 in 2 days!! fatalities in the past 100 years have dropped, but insured property loss has sky
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18 - GEOL 0820 Ramsey Natural Disasters Spring 2011...

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