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GEOL 0820 Spring 2011 Recitation #6: Volcanoes You will need a CALCULATOR to complete this recitation!!! Name: _______________________________________ Recitation Time/Day: _____________ In today’s recitation exercise you will be looking at images of two volcanoes, their eruptive products, and their hazard maps. The purpose of this exercise is to get you to recognize some basic volcanic hazards and think about how they could affect the local residents living around these volcanoes. Look at all the pictures on the large prints and answer the questions below in complete sentences. Think about your previous answers before answering next question. 1. First, list the seven volcanic hazards mentioned in the hazards video shown in lecture. (7 pts.) Volcanoes of the Cascade Volcanic Arc – Mount Rainier 2. Picture 1. The Cascade Volcanic arc is close to the western boundary of the North American plate. What kind of plate boundary is this? What tectonic activity is producing the volcanism here? (2 pts.) 3. Picture 2. What are the two major urban centers and two small towns that may be affected by activity at Mt Rainier? (4 pts.) 4. Picture 3. Looking at this picture of Mount Rainier taken from Elliot Bay in Seattle, is it a shield or a composite volcano? (1 pt.) 1
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GEOL 0820 Spring 2011 5. Of the seven volcanic hazards listed in question #1, what three would you most expect from Mt Rainier? Give one reason why for each of these. Hint: Examine the topographic map in
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recitation6 - GEOL 0820 Spring 2011 Recitation #6:...

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