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recitation8 - on the EQ/tsunami Your assignment(BEFORE...

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GEOL 0820 Spring 2011 1 Recitation #8: Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami Please complete BEFORE coming to recitation! Name: _______________________________________ Recitation Time/Day: _____________ Email from Professor Ramsey: As I'm sure you have all heard by now, a M8.9 earthquake hit northern Japan on Friday and generated deadly landslides and a devastating tsunami that affected the entire Pacific Ocean. The damage from the tsunami was especially bad in Japan where there was little warning time, but deaths are confirmed as far away as California. As of now, the death toll is over 1,000 and expected to grow. This is the largest natural disaster to hit Japan and the largest since the Haiti earthquake. I have been interviewed by CNN and spent most of Friday scheduling satellite observations of the region. This natural disaster (unlike any in the past) has been well documented by social media. Because of the scope of this disaster and the relevance to topics we just went over in class, I have decided to focus this week's recitation entirely
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Unformatted text preview: on the EQ/tsunami. Your assignment (BEFORE RECITATION) do is search the various news, social media, and government sites for videos, pictures and information. Summarize your results on the next page along with a 1 paragraph summary of the most interesting topic you've discovered - you will hand this in as the recitation assignment for the week. Also, be prepared to discuss this information at the time of your recitation. A discussion about the disaster, the use of social media and the science/response of the world to document it will be conducted. I will also talk briefly about this at the start of class this week. Because I have changed the schedule slightly and because exam #2 is coming up, be sure to check out the revised schedule on the class web page. See you all on Tuesday, Prof. Ramsey GEOL 0820 Spring 2011 2 1. Web sites located: 2. Summary paragraph about the disaster:...
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recitation8 - on the EQ/tsunami Your assignment(BEFORE...

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