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GEOL 0820 Spring 2011 Recitation #9: Tornadoes You will need a RULER and CALCULATOR to complete this activity!!! Name: _______________________________________ Recitation Time/Day: _____________ Part 1: General Information Tornados are a natural weather phenomenon that consist of a violently rotating column of air usually descending from a large thunderstorm. These destructive cyclones generally develop in the Midwest from supercells that result when cold dry air (originating from Canada or the Rocky Mountains) and warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico collide. The area of the Midwest where tornados are common is called Tornado Alley . Note that: (1) not all thunderstorms formed in this manner will produce a tornado and (2) tornadoes can occur everywhere, they are not restricted to the Midwest or Tornado Alley. Tornados are classified by the Fujita Scale . Originally developed by T. Ted Fujita (“Mr. Tornado”), this method classifies tornados based on two criteria: how much the twister destroys and wind speed estimates. Recently, the Fujita Scale has been modified to account for different structural styles of buildings. For example, it was recognized that a tornado may cause more damage to an older, less structurally sound home, than to a well built new home. This is referred to as the Enhanced Fujita (EF) scale and it is comparable to the original Fujita scale. Fujita Scale Wind Speed (mph) Enhanced Fujita Scale Wind Speed (mph) F0 < 72 EF0 65-85 Little damage: sign boards damaged Siding and shingle damage F1 73-112 EF1 86-110 Roof damage Uprooted trees and overturned mobile homes F2 113-157 EF2 111-135
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recitation9 - GEOL 0820 Spring 2011 Recitation #9:...

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