Judaism - Micah o Spoke against usury o North kingdom will...

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Judaism Roles of the Prophet o Tell the future o Interpret the future without the help of God, sees things before First major prophet: Moses Then time of Judges: o Samuel: last of the judges, first of the prophets in the time of the kings Kings o God said no to kings first, b/c will cause tyranny and God is the King o First King- Saul o Second- David, military hero, captured Judah, builds temple o Solomon builds huge temple, gets tax revenue/labor from the North 722 Assyrians conquers North Exile, 786, Babylonians conquer South Amos (cc 750 BC) o Sheppard, o Main message, the powerful would be judged o Major criticism- empty religion, heart wasn’t in it, sacrificing but not living in accordance in the law o Hated rich mistreating the poor Hosea o Faithfulness o Took back his wife, when after she cheated on him Isaiah (765 BC) o Work instead of fighting o God perfect, humans imperfect
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Unformatted text preview: Micah o Spoke against usury o North kingdom will fall o Messiah will be born in Bethlehem Jeremiah o Constantly rejected by ppl o Prophesied judgment o Conflicted o Relationship between God and ppl very intimate o Major influence on Jesus o I am potter, you are clay Ezekial o Warns ppl abt the fall of Israel o Criticizes other nations too o Condems those who ignore the Sabbath, dont care for the poor, o Couldnt mourn wifes death Cyrus o Helps Israel repair its temples o Expiates the peoples sins by his death Third Issiah (520 BC after ppl returned) o Apocalyptic Jews accept prophets writing as scripture, Samaritans only accept the torah, first 5 books of the bible Moabites burned the ashes of enemy kings, thought that would hurt them in the afterlife...
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Judaism - Micah o Spoke against usury o North kingdom will...

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