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IV. Outer membrane—Gram negative Bacteria only A. Gram Negative bacteria have a _______________outside their _____________ B. Composition is a bit different than cytoplasmic membrane (Figure 4.55): 1. 2. 3. C. What is LPS 1. Can be divided into parts ( Figure 4.56) a) Lipid portion—fairly standard b) Polysaccharide portion can be divided into two parts: i) ii) 2. LPS is only on the _________________ leaflet of the OM. There are only _______________________ on the inner leaflet of the OM 3. LPS is often _______________________ to animals 4. What is the function of LPS? a) How would you begin to figure this out? b) LPS is a ____________________ c) Without LPS bacteria become: d) LPS also contributes:
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D. How does the OM attach to the CM? 1. By: 2. How this is done: FIG. 4.57 E. Q: How do molecules move through the outer membrane? A: FIGURE 4.58 1. These are ______________ that form ____________ in the OM 2. These are size selective 3. And generally _____________________ except for _____________
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4_OUTLINE_BIO119_cellbio2 (1) - IV Outer membraneGram...

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