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Take Home Exam Agreement Form Date: _________________________________ I (print your name here-on the line) ____________________________________ will receive a copy of Exam I for BIOL 1322-3C7. Directions: Read and initial next to each statement, print your name and write your signature below as indicated . Your initial located next to each item below signifies your understanding and compliance with the instructions for this take home examination. ______ I understand that I may not copy or distribute this exam to anyone. ______ I understand that I must return the examination to my instructor, by the stated deadline June 22, 2011, whether or not I complete the exam. ______ I understand this is a test and I cannot plagiarize my answers and I
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Unformatted text preview: must cite appropriately. I cannot copy answers from other students. I understand that I may not discuss this exam with other students (current or previous). Furthermore, I cannot seek assistance, of any kind, from ANYONE. ______ I understand that violation of this agreement will result in an F on this exam and it cannot be replaced, it will be averaged in (as a 0%) with my other exam scores. Violations of this agreement as it relates to the Collin Student Code of Conduct will be turned in to the Dean of Students Office. Print your name here: ____________________________________________ Signature: ______________________________________________________...
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