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BIOL 1322 General Nutrition Assignment #1 – My Plate Analysis (50 points) Due: June 29, 2011 Submit Assignment in Class Purpose : practice recording and analyzing your food intake, applying principals from class Instructions : 1. Fill out the information for a personalized plan: 2. Once your results are calculated, Print a PDF version of your results (right hand column). 3. Also print out 3 copies of the “PDF of a helpful Meal Tracking Worksheet” (right hand column). a. Use this as a guide for to track your food intake for three days (2 weekdays and 1 weekend day). b. You will submit your individual results and the 3 filled out trackers in your final report. 4. Once your three days of tracking are complete, answer the following questions with thought and detail. a. How well did you meet your individual food recommendations (food groups, amounts, variety)?
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Unformatted text preview: (5 points) b. What did you notice about your eating habits, times you ate, food choices, when you ate the most calories, etc? Provide some thoughtful insight. (5 points) c. What differences or similiarities did you notice between weekday and weekend intake? (5 points) d. What are three improvements you could actually see yourself making after completing this assignment? (5 points) e. What surprised you (good or bad) about your eating habits? (5 points) f. What are the benefits and limitations of using My Plate (opinion)? (5 points) Points breakdown 10 points Individual results printout 10 points 3 days of food tracking worksheet filled out 30 points Discussion 50 points total Late papers - 1o points deducted for each day late beginning June 30 at 12:01 am. Ask questions in class or by email if you are unsure:
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