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Grading Rubrics-Notebook, Homework, Article Reviews

Grading Rubrics-Notebook, Homework, Article Reviews -...

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Notebook/Homework/ Article Review Grading Rubrics Notebook Requirements/Grading Rubric for each Notebook Check 5 Points - Required Notebook is a three ring binder with the 6 following sections- Syllabus/Course Outline/Covenant, Homework Assignments (placed back in notebook in order of assignment with assignment number (1-12) and dated), Tests, Notes (highlighting important topics from reading and lecture after discussed in the chapter showing a progression in selecting note taking style and being consistent i.e. Cornell, Traditional Outline, Extra Credit Assignments/Article Reviews, Reflective Writings/Chapter Profiles. 5 Points - Notebook must be neat and kept in order by maintaining sections with returned work. All assignments must be labeled as they are assigned example: Reflective Writing 1.1, Reflective Writing 1.2, Chapter 1 Profile, and Homework Assignment #1. 5 Points - Reflective Writings demonstrate thought and intellectual depth; they show writer has made attempts to understand issues 15 possible points at each notebook check
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