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Syllabus and Signature Page - SYLLABUS-Get in the Game...

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SYLLABUS-Get in the Game! Collin College, 0300 College Success Course Course Instructor: Associate Professor, Michelle L. Brown, M.A. Counseling (The Coach) Professor Email : [email protected] (Available to meet by appointment ) You may also leave messages for me at the Adjunct Faculty Office ________________ Email is the preferred method of communication Credit Hours: 3.0 Class Time/Location: ________________________________________ Semester ________________ Textbook: Essential Study Skills 6 th Edition, Linda Wong, (Course Outline and other assignments located on the course website at ) Course Description/Objectives: (Game Strategy): Description : A Global Positioning System shows your current location and gives specific and detailed directions to the requested destination. If a turn is missed, the GPS system automatically re-calculates the route to cause a return to the correct path to reach the expected destination. This course is an opportunity to re-calculate the academic preparation needed to get to the desired outcome of a degree by insuring students are on the right track with all pertinent study skills. For our purposes, this College Success Course is a GPS system- A G reat P lace to S tart. Students will learn how to use their learning styles to tailor their approach to learning, process information more efficiently, manage time effectively, set goals, increase concentration, increase motivation, reduce stress and procrastination, read college textbooks more effectively, take notes from textbooks and lectures, improve listening skills, use a variety of note taking systems, prepare for tests, and perform well on different kinds of tests. Objectives: Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to: Demonstrate the use of effective strategies that utilize his or her preferred learning styles; Explain the Information Processing Model and the Working Memory Model and explain the implications of the models for learning new information; Demonstrate an understanding of the Twelve Principles of Memory and apply the Principles of Memory to his or her study strategies; Develop and use self-management strategies that include time management, goal setting, concentration, motivation, stress management and procrastination management; Create appropriate mnemonics for selected information; Organize information and create a study plan to prepare for tests; Reduce or eliminate test anxiety before and during a test; Demonstrate a variety of textbook reading or comprehension strategies that involve active reading, levels of reading, vocabulary skills and paragraph skills Annotate textbooks by using highlighting, notes within paragraphs and marginal notes Generate textbook and lecture notes by using a variety of formats such as Cornell notes, visual mappings, hierarchies, comparison charts and index card notes Apply test preparation and test-taking techniques recommended for objective, recall, math and essay tests
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This note was uploaded on 01/06/2012 for the course COSU 0300 taught by Professor Michellebrown during the Fall '11 term at Collins.

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Syllabus and Signature Page - SYLLABUS-Get in the Game...

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