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MODR1760H Y11-12 Course Director: Dr. Diana Zorn 1 GRADING ABBREVIATONS AGR Lack of agreement in number, gender or tense AWK Awkward; ill-sounding or ungrammatical construction BC Be careful; this point is debatable and without adequate defense it can limit the  effectiveness of your argument  CIT No citation or improper citation CON Inappropriate contraction: please write out the entire word or phrase CNF This claim is confusing: muddled or ambiguous EXP This term or phrase is not self-explanatory -- please explicate it E! This claim seems exaggerated GS Avoid gender specific language; e.g. do not use ‘man’ or ‘he’ where human  beings are discussed in general INT! A particularly interesting idea, or way of explaining a point IRR Off topic; tangential ME Please be more explicit; give more details NP! Nice point!  A compelling remark or persuasive argument NS Non-sequitur : this claim does not follow from its premises NQ Not quite; your explication of an important point is well done to a point, but 
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This note was uploaded on 01/05/2012 for the course MODR 1760 taught by Professor Camelacircelli during the Fall '11 term at York University.

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Grading_Abbreviations - MODR1760H Y11-12 Course Director:...

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