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MODULE 2 ASSIGNMENT MODR1760C Y11-12 Question of Concept Analysis Notes & Essay B ASIC  I NFORMATION When is the assignment due? Tuesday, January 31 st  [Deadline extended – was originally due on  January 24 th ] How much is it worth? 15% of final mark What needs to be submitted? 1. Title page with your name, student number, section (MODR1760C  Y11-12), topic, and date submitted. 2. Your analysis in the form of rough notes, point form and typed. These  notes must consist of all 10 of the Conceptual Analysis Techniques.  The rough notes or steps are worth 75% of the total mark for this  assignment.  3. Essay consisting of your answer to your chosen question: no more  than 3 - 4 pages double-spaced (approximately 800 - 1000 words).  This essay must follow the format and structure outlined in the  lectures. The essay is worth 25% of the total mark for this assignment.
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Unformatted text preview: A SSIGNMENT T OPICS Select and analyze one of the conceptual questions below: 1. Is capitalism compatible with democracy? 2. Is pornography a form of hate literature? 3. To what extend does social media promote freedom? 4. Does fairness mean treating everyone equally? 5. To what degree does technology ensure progress? Where does the assignment need to be submitted? Hard, paper copy submitted at the beginning of class. Need some coaching, tips and extra help? Check the Module 2 Coaching Room for: • Sample graded assignments from previous years. • Review guide to help you grade your own rough notes before submitting your assignment. • List of grading criteria. • Also, your assignment will be peer reviewed....
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