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MODR 1730C SU2011 Is depression an illness? 1. MODEL CASE a) Amanda is a 23-year-old young adult who has lived a very tough life, ever since her childhood. She grew up with hardly any food to eat, having survived a war, living under control of an extremely abusive father and unable to express her distress or unhappiness. She struggled through her teen years, mostly with her boyfriends and her family members. Many times, she has contemplated suicide because she simply was convinced that this world is all bad and nothing good was ever going to come to her. She has not officially been diagnosed with depression but with her state of well being, she is convinced that something is seriously wrong. She is unable to continue her last year in university and her performance at work has gone down to the point where her manager is threatening to terminate her. b) This is a good example of a model case because: Amanda’s illness has a root cause . Presently, she feels bad because of past traumatic events that have discouraged her and put her down. Amanda is unable to function in her daily routines of attending school and preforming well at work. She is convinced that her current state is not good for her and that her state of well- being is being affected. She knows that her condition is internal because she has feelings and thoughts that are responsible for her current state. Amanda is aware of her imbalance and instability that has resulted from her condition. Her disequilibrium has prevented her from being able to move forward in life. Amanda is convinced that there is nothing the world has to offer to her but bad. She has given up on life because life has nothing to offer her. Amanda is weak and cannot move forward in life and move on from her past. Her past events are ongoing and affect her current state of well-being. c) Depression Illness Inability to function Awareness of imbalance Feeling Root cause Giving up Disequilibrium State of mind Ongoing Internal Weakness 2. CONTRARY CASE a) Jonathon recently left his wife because she was cheating on him and ever since this situation happened, he has not been himself. He often gets really emotional and upset at the situation and he cant stop thinking about it. He spends a lot of time at the bar and drinks alone every night. He no longer feels that he can trust other women and feels that he will be single forever. He has given up on relationships and decided that people in general have potential to hurt him. So he 1
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2 decides to focus on his business and get rid of all his business partners because they may hurt his chance of success and happiness, just like his ex-wife. He does well in his business but is no longer the same old Jonathon who loved being around others and enjoying life. His neighbours describe him as different, some even saying that he seems unhappy and cynical.
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SampleGraded_Mod2CA_DepressionIllness_A+ - 1 MODR 1730C...

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