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Notes: 45/75 Needs much improvement Essay: 15/25 Total: 60/100 See the comments below throughout your assignment. Graded by: Diane Zorn Question of Concept Notes and Essay: ARE UNIVERSITIES THE SAME AS BUSINESSES? Model or Paradigm Case (a) Julia is planning to attend University in order to study Business Management. She applies to Harvard University and is admitted to the University. In order to survive at this brand name university along with consistent grades she has a price to pay. The tuition fee at Harvard is a lot and she has to pay that fee. Harvard is providing her education (services) and in return expects her to pay the fee. If Julia does not pay the University money she will have to exit the gates of the University. (b) Universities require a fee to impart the necessary service(Education) Businesses provide services and make profit Universities provide education and make money You cannot get admission in a University if you do not pay the fees. You cannot obtain the service from a commercial business without paying them a fee. Cannot continue to get education from a University without paying the necessary fee. Cannot continue to get services from a business without paying the necessary fee. (c) UNIVERSITIES BUSINESSES Provide education and make profit Provide services and make profit Top notch have a higher fees Better businesses have higher costs Governments support universities by providing student loans Businesses are backed by governments with stakes. Better the university more fee involved Better the business more yields involved.
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Contrary or Opposite Case (a) In her second semester at Harvard, Julia has a financial crisis and is unable to pay the fee for the following semester. She has a word with her Course Director and because of her exceptional grades she receives a scholarship without having to pay any fee that year. The university recognizes and values an intelligent student and hence exempts her from paying the tuition fee. Julia felt really happy that she was going to that school of knowledge (b) Since the University values intellect over money in this case .It shows how the school of knowledge recognizes knowledge. Additionally businesses would never exempt any one from not paying a fee for their services. In a businesses you pay money…you get the service In a University specific cases of merit never get unnoticed such as bursaries and scholarships. UNIVERSITIES (are not )BUSINESSES Store house of knowledge Private profit enterprise Institution of higher education Commercial industry Recognizes intellect and brain power Values money ,revenue and return Dependant on authorities to make decisions Decided by the stakeholders and the managing directors Borderline Case (a) XYZ is a non-profit student organization within a University that runs to promote aids awareness .This organization has a structure of a business with stake-holders etc however its only aim is to provide aids awareness within the University. Even though it is
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SampleGradedCA_UnivBusinesses_C - Notes 45/75 Essay 15/25...

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