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AD Calculation - MD MD DF ─DF AD ±AD AS/IN Predominate...

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Copyright © 2006 Howard Pettersson ACTUAL DEFICIENCY (AD) CALCULATION 1. Calculate for AD on the MD side. 2. If the listing is on the side opposite the MD, convert the listing to its opposite so you can do the math on the MD side. For example, if the listing is AS 5 EX 10 on the left but the MD is on the right, convert the listing on scratch paper to PI 5 IN 10 on the right. 3. Add or subtract the subscripts to determine the Subscript Total. 4. Multiple the Subscript Total by the constant 0.4 to determine the Distortion Factor (DF.) 5. Use the correct formula to determine AD. AS/IN Predominate Subscript PI/EX Predominate Subscript
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Unformatted text preview: MD MD +DF ─DF AD ±AD AS/IN Predominate Subscript Listing Examples: AS 5 IN 5 AS 8 EX 3 PI 3 IN 8 MD plus DF equals AD. Add the MD and DF together to determine the AD. The AD will always be larger than the MD, and on the MD side. PI/EX Predominate Subscript Listing Examples: PI 5 EX 5 PI 8 IN 3 AS 3 EX 8 MD minus DF equals ±AD. If the DF is smaller than the MD, the difference will be a positive AD, and the AD will always be smaller than the MD, and on the MD side. If the DF is larger than the MD, the difference will be a negative AD, and the AD will be placed on the side opposite the MD....
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