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FW 11-12 syllabus Pelvic Mansholt

FW 11-12 syllabus Pelvic Mansholt - PALMER COLLEGE OF...

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PALMER COLLEGE OF CHIROPRACTIC Syllabus Fall Winter 11-12 1. Technique Department Pelvic Technique (TECH 72612) 5 credit hours John Strazewski, B.S., D.C., M.S.Ed., Department Chairperson Class Meeting Times (72612 03) W214 Monday – Friday, 7:30 am 2. Barbara A. Mansholt, B.A., D.C., Course Director Office: W129 (563) 884-5232 [email protected] Office hours: 9:20-10:10 am. M-F or by appointment 3. Pre-requisites ANAT 221 Spinal Anatomy II TECH 602 Toggle Recoil TECH 605 Instrumentation Co-requisites CLIN 805 Clinical Methods CLIN 806 Emergency Procedures Pre-requisite for TECH 614 Principles & Practice TECH 615 Extremity Adjusting 4. Course Description (catalog) Palpation skills for the sacroiliac articulations are reinforced, as well as introducing a comprehensive study of pelvic mechanics. Adjusting procedures and X-ray analysis for the pelvic region are presented. Chiropractic instrumentation is reviewed. Course Objective The goal of this class is to provide a philosophical, scientific, and artful approach to analyzing pelvic misalignments and provide various approaches to correction. The final goal is a comprehensive approach for the student to identify and choose options to correct the pelvic subluxation. The attempt will be made to integrate the applications according to severity of condition and age of patient. 5. Course Outcomes The three tier competencies emphasized in this course are as follows:
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Attitudes students will possess upon completion of this course: a. Demonstrate empathy during patient interactions for patient comfort, safety, emotional state, modesty, etc. b. Demonstrate awareness of the need to reassess and modify adjustive methods appropriate to the needs of the patient. Knowledge students will possess upon completion of this course: a. Describe the biomechanical misalignment of all Gonstead, Diversified, and Thompson pelvic listings. b. Synthesize data to determine a specific pelvic listing. c. Recite the various components of any Palmer Package pelvic listing. d. Explain abbreviations for pelvic listings. e. Apply Cartesian coordinate system to the listings of the ilium, sacrum, and coccyx. f. Discriminate and utilize the different mechanisms of Thompson leg check analysis. g. Awareness of current research regarding leg check analysis in conjunction with current clinical understanding and/or utilization. h. Explain the differences between adjusting protocols according to Palmer Package’s interpretation of Gonstead, Diversified, and Thompson.
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