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Pelvic Diversified Chart - opposite base inferiority On AL...

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Pelvic Adjusting Diversified Adjusting LISTINGS CP Superior hand EXCEPT P-R(L) Sacrum SCP DS TP LOC TORQUE * ETC PI Div Hook of hamate, 1b I-PSIS Scissored, Inferior Opposite I-S P-A, I-S None Fingers point superior lateralward AS Div Hook of hamate, 1b Superior Ischial Tuberosity Straight away, Opposite S-I A-P, S-I None Fingers toward feet IN Div Hook of hamate, 1b Sup Med- PSIS Open** Superior Opposite M-L M-L, S-I None Fingers toward ipsilateral acetabulum EX Div 1b Lat Inf- PSIS Open** Inferior Same L-M L-M None Fingers toward opposite iliac crest P-R, P-L 1b (Hook of hamate), INFERIOR hand Lateral most Sacral Ala Straight away, Opposite M-L (from S2) P-A LAR, LAL 1b Ipsilateral Sacral Notch Scissored, Inferior Same A, AL, AR #9 (thumb covered by hamate) BASE of coccyx Straight away, opposite
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Unformatted text preview: opposite base inferiority On AL or AR to close wedge from coccyx TO sacrum BP Sacrum 1b (Hook of hamate) S2 I-S I-S, P-A None Arcing motion through L5 disc plane line BP Sacrum w/L5 spondylolisthesis 1b (Hook of hamate) S2 S-I S-I, P-A None 100% S-I, P-A * Torque: For ilium listings, diversified adjusts doctor’s stance to assist in the line of correction for IN and EX. † Not in current Technique Manual. **Not that with an “open” stance, the doctor’s toes are parallel. Disclaimer: This is a condensed version of Palmer’s “Adjusting Technique Manual” to learn the MECHANICS of adjusting the ilium according to Palmer-Gonstead principles. Nuances of setup MUST BE PRACTICED and individualized, as it is a psychomotor skill. SCPs and CPs are frequently “reference landmarks” and not exact....
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