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Pelvic Adjusting Palmer-Thompson LISTINGS PP CP SCP DS* TP LOC TORQUE ETC +D (PI) Prone Inferior 1b I-PSIS Opposite side, Inferior to articulation (60 o )** I-S P-A slight I-S None TD Straight Down 1 of 3 stabilizations PIIN Drop (unmarried listing) Prone Inferior 1b MI-PSIS Opposite side, Only slightly inferior (75 o )** I-S, M-L S-I, M-L, P-A, I-S Down articulation TD S-I ASIS stabilization only PIEX Drop Prone Superior 1b LI-PSIS Same side, More inferior (than +D or PIIN, 45 o )** I-S, L-M I-S, L-M, P-A Up Articulation TD I-S Ischial tuberosity stabilization only SAR, SAL ( S acral A pex R ight/ L eft) Prone Inferior 1b Superior 1b Sacral Notch Medial PSIS Opposite apex deviation; Slightly inferior to articulation L-M M-L R-L or L-R Only slight P-A To bring apex ―back to midline‖ SAR—CW SAL—CCW TD Straight Down Cross leg to open up SI joint -D Part I Supine Same side leg 90 o flexion Inferior 7,8 Superior 11 Ischial tuberosity ASIS Same side, WAY inferior
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