Aggression, Killing, and Warfare

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Professor McKenna Human Ethology 5/3/11 Aggression, Killing, and Warfare The themes of aggression, killing, and warfare are dissected and explored by Barash in this article. There were two points in this article that I found the most interesting and that stuck out most to me. First, was the idea that there is more emphasis on genetic traits that we lack versus the traits that we have, and we are threatened by the traits we do not have. I saw this relate to my personal life in that I often see people dwell on the negative. If someone is good at something instead of focusing on this aspect of their life they dwell on what they do not have. For example one of my friends is short, but he is very strong. Instead of him focusing on his strength he dwells on the fact that he wishes he could be taller. And, some of my friends who are taller but not as strong look at his strength with envy. It is only those who are mature that are able to focus on the
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