TR - History 30608 10/16/11 At the dawn of the Progressive...

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History 30608 10/16/11 At the dawn of the Progressive Era in America, one of the focuses of the federal government came in the regulation of big business . In 1890, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act gave the federal government the right to regulate and get rid of monopolies and promote fair competition . One of the most prominent leaders of the Progressive Era was Theodore Roosevelt, who was elected president in 1901 . Although Roosevelt is known as progressive, many question his true commitment to the fight against corporate America and big business when it was booming in the early 20 th century . According to the writing of Lewis L. Gould in The Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, Roosevelt’s focus during his first term was to establish the federal government’s role in regulating trusts and monopolies (Gould 26) . The technological advances that now allowed the manufacturing process to rapidly grow brought on the issue of trusts . Due to this rapid growth in manufacturing, companies began to grow in all aspects . The two largest corporations were Standard Oil and US Steel, which held a capitalization of $1 .4 billion in 1901 (Gould 26). The growth of these companies and development of monopolies struck fear in middle class and smaller companies . Roosevelt believed that there were both good and bad trusts . Good trusts promoted competition and were socially useful, while bad trusts injured public welfare . Roosevelt saw large corporations as not necessary to break up; instead he found value in educating the public how to invest and what policies needed to be adopted in reaction to these corporations (Gould 27) . He defined these evils as both grave and evil, focusing around the over-capitalization and
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the belief by the American people that these corporations were aware of the harm they were causing (Gould 31) . Although Roosevelt took a more conservative approach to corporations, he understood that he couldn’t just sit back and do nothing . This would result in giving Democrat’s
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TR - History 30608 10/16/11 At the dawn of the Progressive...

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