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Movie review 2 - being done. This concept took all the...

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Social Psychology Movie Review 2 Anre Venter The video represented a study done at Yale University in the early 1960’s by psychologist Stanley Milgram, known as the Milgram Experiment. The experiment was built to study whether or not people could be persuaded even when they knew they were harming someone else. It is stressed that even though 50% of the people carried through with the entire experiment, that doesn’t make them bad people, rather just a product of the situation they are in. Throughout the experiment there were milestones, which caused each participant some pause and thought. When they hit 150 watts, the actor pretending to be shocked began to speak up and would ask to be removed from the experiment. This caused many to question the experiment and ask to leave, however, only half the contestants actually stopped when the experimenter urged them to keep going. Another milestone, tied into this same concept, was that the experimenter took the responsibility of the harm that was
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Unformatted text preview: being done. This concept took all the responsibility off the subject and gave him/her a way to justify their actions. The final straw for the subject was when the actor stopped responding to the shocks. These, again, gave the subject worry and question the experimenter. This experiment digs into the topic of cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is when someone says something when they are really feeling or experiencing something different. In this specific case, the cognitive dissonance provides internal justification for the subject’s actions. After they are shown that the experience isn’t what they thought, they try to cover their actions by telling the actor how close they were to letting up and how hard it was for them. Everyone does this in order to self-justify himself or herself. It does not make people bad....
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Movie review 2 - being done. This concept took all the...

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