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Reaction Paper - The main character in the film went...

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Social Psychology What the Bleep Do We Know? Reaction Paper Throughout this film my way of thinking and looking at the world was challenged. I had a difficult time believing that my outlook on life and the “real” objects around me are simply my perception and are in my head. This film continues to raise questions that have come up in class; such as “Who are we?” and “Why are we here?” Personally, I don’t believe that these are questions that we can answer; I believe that people should focus more on living and doing the things that make them happy than trying to solve all of life’s mysteries. An underlying theme throughout the film was that modern materialism takes away from our responsibility. I actually agree with this point of the film, but I think it is impossible to ignore materialism, especially in our modern western society. There needs to be a balance in one’s life, not solely on figuring out our world’s mysteries.
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Unformatted text preview: The main character in the film went through a transformation, but this transformation was centered on human’s basic needs. The fact that she was deaf provided extra incentive for her to be loved, liked, and to belong. After she left her husband, she struggled to find her place, but realized she needed to find herself before she could move on and find someone to share herself with. Being deaf already provides her need to be unique, special, and different. However, we saw her accept this toward the end of the film when she drew hearts on herself and appreciated herself. This was the moment where she found herself. I was not completely able to understand how quantum physics helps our lives, or how it is supposed to directly affect us. It is an interesting way of looking at life, but it is not something that I think I am able to use practically in my life....
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Reaction Paper - The main character in the film went...

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