As Nature Made Him

As Nature Made Him - Professor McKenna As Nature Made Him...

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Professor McKenna As Nature Made Him 5/2/11 On August 22, 1965 two twin baby boys, Bruce and Brian Reimer, were born to Ron and Janet Reimer. The two boys were identical twins, unable to be deciphered by the outside world. However, the parents could of course tell their two healthy newborns apart. Six months later, Janet started to notice how much distress the two boys went through while urinating. The two boys were diagnosed with phimosis, a condition where the penis’ foreskin is too tight, resulting in the failed retraction of the foreskin over the glands. Circumcision was the recommended treatment, and two months later, on April 27, the boys were scheduled to get the procedure. Janet recollects the procedure saying, “We weren’t worried. We didn’t know we had anything to worry about” (Colapinto 11). In those days burning the foreskin away performed the process circumcision, and pediatricians who were familiar with the process usually did it. However, on April 27, 1966 a forty-six year old general practitioner named Jean-Marie Huot took on the duty for the Reimer boys. Due to her inexperience, baby boy Bruce suffered a burned penis beyond function and repair. Ron and Janet were faced with an astounding decision. Ron and Janet Reimer had to choose whether or not to raise Bruce as a boy
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As Nature Made Him - Professor McKenna As Nature Made Him...

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