Death Without Weeping

Death Without Weeping - depressing fact of the real life...

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“Death Without Weeping” ANTH-10105 Professor McKenna 2/1/11 In the reading “Death Without Weeping” author Nancy Scheper-Hughes evaluates the relationships, or lack there of, between mother and child in the shantytown of Alto do Cruzeiro located in northeast Brazil. In this shantytown the life expectancy of newborn children is so low that it leads to mothers expecting their children’s death instead of the potential life they could live. She talks about how children’s lives are almost pre- determined when she states that, “…the ability to face child death with stoicism and equanimity, produced patterns of nurturing that differentiated between those infants thought of survivors and those born as already ‘wanting to die’.” The most striking and
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Unformatted text preview: depressing fact of the real life tragedy is the lack of emotional tie that these mothers feel toward their newborns, and the fact that they are able to get over a death of their kin so easily, without proper funerals or any recognition to their life and death. This reading was easily the most eye-opening one to me. I think this is the case because it is so far from what we have here in the U.S. We hold such a strong unity in family, and the value of life, that it is hard to imagine a place where life is held with such little regard. It is something that I don’t even want to try and relate to, and it make me even that much more thankful for coming up in the upbringing that I did and with the loving family that I was given....
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