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Evolution and Behavior

Evolution and Behavior - influence in the animal’s...

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“Evolution and Behavior: Getting it Together” ANTH-10105 Professor McKenna 2/1/11 The article “Evolution and Behavior: Getting it Together” by David Barash looks into how evolution and behavior play into each other . He uses the example of animals, and how their evolution affects their behaviors . His argument structures around getting rid of the common belief that behavior is not just a result of social and cultural factors, but it is also very important to take a look into the evolutionary factors of animals . The most interesting example, to me, was when he discussed the courtship of the fruit flies . This argument is also his strongest because it proves that natural selection is a strong
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Unformatted text preview: influence in the animal’s behavior, and that the courtship has changed over time, and this explains why . This article provided some interesting facts about evolution of animals but, I found this article to be the least interesting to me for a few reasons . First off, it is a topic that I am not terribly interested or well educated in . I am much more interested in human interaction because it is something that I can connect to and understand . Also, the way the author organized his work, though successful in convincing his argument, was not a joy to read and go through, it was long and at times monotonous ....
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