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Human Ethology Syllabus

Human Ethology Syllabus - Spring2011 Anthropology2010501...

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Human Ethology Syllabus  Spring 2011 Anthropology 20105 -01 Professor James J. McKenna Edmund P. Joyce C.S.C. Endowed Chair in Anthropology Office: 624 Flanner Hall [email protected] www.nd.edu/~jmckenn1/lab Final exam schedule available at:  http://registrar.nd.edu/FESpring.pdf Access to Notre Dame Electronic Reserves, Anthro 20105 readings; https://www.library.nd.edu/eresources/ereserves//course.cgi? course=2011S_ANTH_20105_01 For access and information about Concourse: Login: through InsideND Browser Configuration Instructions (short video):  <http://oit.nd.edu/concourse/browser_check.htm> http://oit.nd.edu/co ncourse/browser_check.htm   Office Hours for Professor McKenna: MWF Noon to 2:45 or by appointment Office Phone 631-3816 Class Administrator, Technical Teaching Assistant: Elise Gerspach ; TECHNICAL teaching assistant,   coordinator of attendance issues,  Concourse activities and organizing /collecting reaction papers. [email protected] Books Required: The Promise of Sleep,  by William Dement Our Babies Ourselves , Meredith Small…Book Analysis Due You Just Don’t Understand , D.Tannen Why Sex Is Fun,  by Jared Diamond As Nature Made Him , J.Carppolinto Birth In Four Cultures  B.Jordan Ok..How About this… a kind of ”The Course Basics” or…
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Human Ethology Requirements For Dummies (Including Me) Your Professor. Here are the user-friendly basics. 1. Try hard to come to every class. Being there, LISTENING TO the lectures, will never be more important for “getting” the class. I promise I will make it worth your while. Sign your attendance each time. Don’t try to cheat i.e. sign the sheet and leave or miss the class and sign when everyone is leaving. I can see you doing this and will gently ask you to drop the class. It matters for your grade and for you to learn to be here. YOUR INTEGRITY MATTERS. If you really can’t come, or are sick I am very reasonable and forgiving and so will Elise per my instructions. I am sure you understand why I must say this..though it pains me to, but if you are dishonest or have a friend sign for you or whatever, which I assume is not your way..I will just have to drop you from the enrollment. 2.You have six books to read, and analyses (50 points each) to finish. Four questions will be sent to you for each book analysis . Four pages only for your analysis, please. Spacing 1.5. Your answers will be printed out back to back…which must be turned in as a hard copy, not on concourse, but in class on the due date. No assignments sent by e-mail will be opened unless it is an emergency, and pre approved. 3. Also, you have ten, one page reaction papers to turn in. Spacing 1.5. One page. Three questions. Ten Points each. Hard copy turned in during class time on due dates.
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