Man Has No Killer Instict

Man Has No Killer - much happier world and potentially a world that isn’t as materialistic Another idea that I could relate to especially being

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Professor McKenna Human Ethology 5/3/11 Man Has No Killer Instinct This article by Geoffry Gorer explores ideas by studying the nature of human beings. I really enjoyed the part of the article where Gorer talks about the studied precursors to violence. Gorer believes that when mankind seeks pleasure versus seeking power and glory society is a much safer place. I think that this idea correlates well with the article “Aggression, Killing, Warfare.” Receiving power and glory is often obtained through material success. If one has more money or tangible objects they are seen as being part of a more elite social class. As money is generically correlated with how successful some is in the workplace, and with more money humans can afford a more luxurious lifestyle. Seeking power and glory though can lead to violence as the other article shows. If mankind in turn decided to seek pleasure we would find ourselves in a
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Unformatted text preview: much happier world and potentially a world that isn’t as materialistic. Another idea that I could relate to especially being an athlete was Gorer’s idea about “aggressive masculinity.” In football and other sports that I have played I have directly seen how this concept affects others. Many men are aggressive in both active and passive ways. This can lead to tension within a group and can also lead to a direct correlation of violence. Gorer shows that in studies of peaceful versus violent cultures the cultures that had adopted ideas of “aggressive masculinity” had a higher prevalence of violence. I’ve seen aggression lead to violence in team dynamics and as Gorer’s studies show this can be translated to the bigger picture of society as a whole....
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