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Men at the Mercy of Language

Men at the Mercy of Language - McKenna Human Ethology Man...

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McKenna Human Ethology Man at the Mercy of Language “Men at the Mercy of Language” is an article written by Peter Farb, which explains and analyzes how the experiences that accompany language cannot be separated from the language itself and looks at the effects these actions entail. One interesting point was that Farb challenged our rights in the constitution stating that there is no such thing as freedom of speech. It is our language, which can be defined by our culture, that tells us what is acceptable and unacceptable to say. We have all grown up learning that there is a certain language, which is appropriate at certain times and in certain situations and these engrained habits play out in our every day lives. Language is supposed to paint a picture and free your mind, which is one claim that this author makes. It is supposed to open up a world of possibilities but Farb also points out that language can be different for different people. Each culture can have different definitions and meanings that correlate with each word. Due to this meaning can be lost when we move from
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