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McKenna Human Ethology The Sound of Silence The article by Mildred Reed Hall and Edward T. Hall “The Sound of Silence” was a very compelling article. The message I captured from the reading I found to be very interesting and it really caused me to question my reactions in every day life. I realized that everything that I do has some hidden message and my actions can be related to other feelings in my life. I also have become more perceptive of how other people react to what I say. This article analyzes many aspects of body language including “your posture, gestures, facial expression, costume, the way you walk, even your treatment of time and space and material things.” This article explores the different sounds that silence makes. One would believe this is an idea that contradicts itself, but these two authors prove how silence can make a very loud noise. Even though we may not always give verbal clues what our body has to say often reveals an immense about of information regarding how we truly feel. Hall and Hall analyzed certain verbal responses that I subconsciously make without
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