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Professor McKenna Tannen Book Analysis 4/14/11 1) In You Just Don’t Understand!, Deborah Tannen discusses the differences and struggles that our two genders face when it comes to communication. In her opening chapter, she discusses how our communication and ways of interaction are shaped from an early age. I found this section to be especially interesting because it is something I can relate to. More specifically, she discusses how boys growing up often hang out in a larger group; mostly playing organized activities and sports that are outside. There is a hierarchy within the group, which presents one boy within the group as the leader, the one that gives the other boys the rules of the game. Also, the activities that the boys perform are competitive, where there is a winner and a loser. The girls, on the other hand, do things in smaller groups or pairs. Girls focus on making relationships centered on finding a best friend (Tannen 43). Their activities did not have winners and losers, such as hopscotch, jump rope, and playing with dolls. Although internally the girls wanted to be in power, instead of bossing each other around they would suggest and exchange ideas. The root of the difference between males and females comes from an early age, and is shaped by the way we first learn to interact. The reason this idea is so interesting to me is because of how true it was in my childhood. I can remember always being outside playing any sport or activity with all of my neighborhood buddies. It was always competitive, and often ended in arguments like the one Tannen brings up about the pickle. These relationships have shaped my entire life.
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Tannen book analysis - Professor McKenna Tannen Book...

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