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The Law of Looking - McKenna Human Ethology The Law of...

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McKenna Human Ethology The Law of Looking This article opens exploring love and affection and the role eye contact plays in these interactions. “The Law of Looking” by Michael Argyle takes this example along with many others to explain how relationships can be extremely influenced by eye contact including looking and gazing at people. Argyle shows how your eye contact can communicate in very powerful ways without words being necessary. Argyle addresses the prominence of love and lust in poetry and demonstrates how poets and writers use eye contact, communicated through language, to display these feelings with passion and as a descriptive tool. Eye contact can also be used on the other extreme to signal warning to others. Eye contact can be correlated with aggressiveness and can even insinuate a desire to fight. One example that specifically demonstrates aggressiveness triggered through eye contact was an experiment with motorcyclists. When these riders approached red lights they started down other
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