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The Mating Game - when they are searching for a short-term...

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The Mating Game ANTH-20105 2/1/11 The article “The Mating Game, by William F. Allman takes an in depth look on how men and women interact when it comes to searching for a spouse. He discusses many different topics and discusses how our strategies have not differed much since the time of human’s early existence. These arguments do not solely fours on the culture of our lives; rather we need to take a look into the human mind in order to understand this issue. The introductory argument is the well-known belief that men are more interested in the physical attractiveness of a spouse, whereas women are more interested in finding a spouse that is stable and can support a family. However, the argument does not stop there. Allman discusses how when women are not looking for a long-term spouse, they are much more likely to go after a physically attractive man. In addition, men’s standards
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Unformatted text preview: when they are searching for a short-term spouse go substantially down. I found this article to be very interesting because it is something that I can relate too, and it is a focus of many college students lives. The most interesting topic, I thought, was the one about “cads and dads.” This topic discusses how women change their ways depending on the kind of guy they are going after. If they are going after a potential “dad” they dress and act more conservatively, but if they are going after a “cad” they dress and act more promiscuously. Also, I was interested in the topic of the “green monster” which evaluated how and why men and women get jealous. It was interesting to see that men are more jealous when they are dealing with their spouse engaging in physical behavior, and women are more jealous when their spouse is connecting in deep emotional connection....
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