What Good is Feeling Bad

What Good is Feeling Bad - feel anxiety once they make it a...

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“What Good is Feeling Bad?” ANTH-20105 Professor McKenna 2/1/11 The article “What Good is Feeling Bad?” by Randolph M. Nesse focuses on whether or not bad feelings are in any way good. In addition to this, he discusses if using medication to rid these feelings are also beneficial. He focuses is arguments on the worst of human emotions, like anxiety, pain, jealously, and sadness. He states that once people feel pain, they make it a goal to avoid getting that same feeling of pain back because it can cause many terrible things. Feeling pain and anxiety are important, because they help combat some of the terrible things that we are faced in everyday life. Anxiety makes people want to strive to avoid situations that cause anxiety, and just like pain, once they
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Unformatted text preview: feel anxiety once, they make it a goal to avoid it. The discussion of medications shakes up my beliefs a little bit. Medications can do unbelievable things to help the most severe problems of bad feelings. However, I believe that these medications should only be limited to the people that need these “cure-all drugs.” People with less severe cases can often get addicted, and like the Prozac example, people continue to take these drugs even once their symptoms have ceased. I think a more productive way of getting rid of these feelings should come in seeking help with a counselor and relying on the people that are closest to the patients in need....
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