Why Sex is Fun

Why Sex is Fun - Why Sex is Fun Professor McKenna 5/7/11 1)...

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Why Sex is Fun Professor McKenna 5/7/11 1) According to Diamond, why do humans have the weirdest sex life of all? Humans, although we may find it hard to believe, are not in the “norm” when it comes to our sex life. Diamond, in his opening paragraph, acknowledges the fact that humans must disregard their previous notions of what “normal” sex is. The majority of humans are in some sort of relationship, whether it be marriage or just dating, when they decide to have children. This is described by Diamond as a “nuclear family” (Diamond 2). However, when the majority of other mammals want to reproduce, they are solitary and only find a partner in order to copulate. This is just one of the many ways that our sex lives differ. Even though some animals’ behaviors within sex seem ridiculous to us, they are still technically the “norm.” For example, we are one of the few social mammals that doesn’t have sex in the public. In the case of these other animals, the female publically solicits herself in front of a group of males, and also performs the action in the public. However, females only solicit themselves when they are fertile. This is one of the biggest differences between human and animal sex. Humans, along with dolphins and bonobos, are the only species that perform sex for the enjoyment. All other species only perform sex for its implicit purpose of reproduction. The ability to reproduce eventually ceases in women due to menopause. However, humans are the only species where this exists. Other female species do not go through menopause, and as a whole these mammals either die still being reproductive or their reproductive ability just eventually wears away. Humans don’t just differ from mammals; we are in the minority compared to
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Why Sex is Fun - Why Sex is Fun Professor McKenna 5/7/11 1)...

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