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Memo To: Jeffrey A Bernel Course: MGT 20200, Principles of Management, FA 2010 From: Kevin Finkel Sect: Section 04 Date: January 27, 2011 Re: Assigned Chapter Homework Chapter # 2 1. Self-Assessment: Learned that I am not afraid of confrontation, but it is not something I seek. I don’t like to put things off; rather I like to take care of them while they are happening. I think it is very important as manager to take care of any conflicts or problems. 2. Scientific Management is the best technique that describes scripted services. This is the study of different methods and testing to see which way to do things is most efficient.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Management Decision: I would not implement a script but take the responsibility of making sure I hire friendly and talkative people to interact with the customers. I have control over this decision because I am running a modest small business, not a worldwide corporation. 4. Script for bakery: Hi my name is Bob welcome to Joes Dough, how can I help you? Would you like to try our famous jelly-filled doughnut? Repeat order Thank you, come back soon. Enjoy! 1...
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