memo 3 - Sociocultural- they could make an employee special...

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Memo To: Jeffrey A Bernel Course: MGT 20200, Principles of Management, FA-11 From: Finkel Sect: 04 Date: 9/6/11 Re: Assigned Chapter Homework Chapter #3 1. Self Assessment: I scored a 47. A 47 is pretty close to average. I learned that I am able to handle a lot of information that is given to me whether it is related or unrelated. It revealed that I am not a very organized person, but I still find a way to get things done on time and under control. 2. Other things I would consider are: More comfortable on hot days Quicker Lines Promotion Deals and incentives to get more customers 3. Environmental factors: Economy- the better the economy is doing the better cedar point will do because more people will be able to afford their high ticket prices. When the economy is bad they could give discounts and sales promotions. Technology- it is important to keep up with the best technology to make the best new rides to stay on top of the amusement park industry.
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Unformatted text preview: Sociocultural- they could make an employee special days where the workers can come and enjoy the park with their family. 1 Customer- make customer feedback surveys but add an incentive for doing the survey such as 20 percent off your next visit or a speed pass to go quicker through lines Supplier- pay bills on time and get discounts or speed pass Industry Regulation- to avoid breaking regulations monthly inspections should take place 4. The amusement park industry is not consistent because the rides can have unexpected problems that will turn people away. Weather can also hinder the parks ability to run because they have to shut the park down for lightning and not as many people come when it rains. Also when it is scorching hot out people are turned off. The park needs to make sure it is on top of its game to make up for these unexpected days and maximize revenue. Page 2...
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memo 3 - Sociocultural- they could make an employee special...

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