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Memo To: Jeffrey A Bernel Course: MGT 20200, Principles of Management From: Conrad Grayson Sect: Section 02 Date: November 3rd, 2011 Re: Assigned Chapter Homework, Chapter # 12 Management Decision: -As a Manager if I knew the personality profiles of my workers, I would look for people who are most compatible to work together based on their personality characteristics. Having employees that work best together can only help my company because this will keep my employees more productive. Personality testing can help a little in a company’s goal to become one of the largest candy makers in North America. By placing employees with others that are compatible, they will be able to work more efficiently and will have a greater chance to achieve the goal of being the largest candy maker in North America. -People that work best together are not always the same. In fact having people that have different personalities that can feed off of each other is sometimes better than having two people with similar personalities. In such a case, a company can have diverse
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