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Memo To: Jeffrey A Bernel Course: MGT 20200, Principles of Management, FA 2011 From: Thomas Watt Sect: Section 02 Date: September 15th, 2011 Re: Assigned Chapter Homework, Chapter # 6 Self-Assessment: -On this self-assessment I score an 11, which is right around the average for males. I was not surprised because I have been involved in competitive sports for as long as I can remember. -I agree that competition is a good thing. I feel that it brings out the best in individuals and helps motivate people to perform to the best of their abilities. -I have played competitive sports at a high level almost every day of my life for 10 years. I continue to compete a high level here at Notre Dame every day at football. Management Decision: -I believe Scott’s Miracle-Gro should pursue the risk-avoiding strategy. Scott’s Miracle- Gro is presently dominating the industry and performing better than their strategic
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Unformatted text preview: reference points. They should do this because the company already has a sustainable competitive advantage, so any new issues or changes in that could possibly render negative impacts. -A diversification plan that would help Scott’s Miracle-Gro would include acquiring small and local gardening companies. This would cut out other competition. Another option for Scot’s Gro is to open a service department, which would provide planting and fertilizing services to customers.-I believe Scott’s should shift to a stability strategy. Even when dominating an industry, other companies will eventually swoop in and take some of your profits. However, Scott’s does it the best. By using the stability strategy, Scott’s can improve on what they are already successful at, and continue to maintain their competitive advantage over the rest of the companies....
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