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6 John Corvino Why Shouldn

6 John Corvino Why Shouldn - suicide external circumstances...

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John Corvino Why Shouldn’t Tommy and Jim…. 1. What deviates from the norm is unnatural. What is not practiced by other animals is unnatural. What does not proceed from innate desires is unnatural. What violates an organ’s principle purpose is unnatural. What is disgusting or offensive is unnatural. 2. He argues that if it is unnatural that (clothing, houses, medicine, government are unnatural), If it is unusual (people pilot ships, breed goats, write with both hands), What is not practiced by other animals is unnatural (there are gay sheep, animals doesn’t cook their food, or do what people do), What is not innate desire is unnatural (people have a choice), What violates an organs purpose is unnatural (masturbation, kissing), What is disgusting is unnatural (eating snails, plumbing) 3. He argues that it is risky but other forms of intercourse are even more risky. He also argues that just because data shows homos are more inclined to commit
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Unformatted text preview: suicide external circumstances such as intolerance and hates towards them causes them to act in that way. 4. He argues that when a homo molests a child the act those not reflect upon all homos. Sex with adults of the same sex is one thing; sex with children of the same sex is another. He claims there is no evidence to demonstrate that exposure to homosexuality leads children to become homos. He argues against the claim that if everyone were homos it would be bad for society by arguing that if everyone were celibate there would be no society. 5. He claims that the rules no longer apply and that the condemnation of homos was when Greeks had relationships with boys. 6. The slipper slope argument is that if homos are acceptable than why not incest, polygamy, and bestiality. He argues that there is no logical connection between the them, and that being homo makes them better people…...
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