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Zoroastrian: Prophet Zoroaster, date of emergence not known (600-B.C.- 6,000) 200,000 Zoroastrians Don’t believe in conversion, if father marries non-Zoroastrian, then family is Zoroastrian, but if mother does same, not true Patriarchal religion First religion to be monotheistic 3 foundations: o Good Words o Good Thoughts o Good Deeds Holiday: Yalda, around Demember, tree w/ candles Holy numbers, 3 Day of Judgment: Messiah: anyone who benefits society Magi (wise men) who gave gifts to Jesus were Zoroastrian priests 1 universal Ahura Mazda 7 spirits Creation: asha Druj: chaos Life about a constant battle between good and evil
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Unformatted text preview: • 2 judgements: • When you die, face a choice heaven or hell, based on deeds, on a weighing scale • Good will eventually overcome evil • Everyone has a spirit that guides them, angel that watches over them • When you die, spirit leaves the body in 4 days, perform prayers for 3 days, then taken to tower of silence, where vultures take the bodies • Worship through fire • 2 battles of good and evil o Worldly level, good ppl vs bad, angels, demons o Internally level • Roles of the Prophet • Tell the future • Interpret the future without the help of God, sees things before...
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