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Nancy Crawley Learning Experience 4 BoFlex: Cost: $2,999 Size: Small enough to fit in a home, but can do over 100 different exercises. Types of Exercises: Works every major body zone. Resistance: Builds stronger muscles and leaner body, increase your metabolism, reduces your body fat, increases your energy level, reduces back pain, reduces joint pain, increases HDL, increase bone density, increase your speed of digestion, and reduces blood pressure. Operation: Designed to work every major body zone and support every workout routine, strength level and fitness goal. Reliability: Reliable if you use it continuosly and do it right.
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Unformatted text preview: BodyCraft X2 Family Xpress Home Gym Cost: $3419.10 Size: About same size as Boflex. Can fit in a home. Type of exercise: Works legs, arms, abs, shoulders, etc. Big muscles. Resistance: Works on resistance with all major body muscles. Operation: Works major muscles and can be done in home. Reliability: Good reliability as long as uses properly. I would recommend the BoFlex System, because it is cheaper and basically has the same qualities as the other one. It is a well known home system and lots of people use it and it works well....
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