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Nancy Crawley 1/28/11 Juni, S. (2009). Conceptualization of hostile psychopathy and sadism: Drive theory and object Relations perspectives. International Forum of Psychoanalysis , 18(1), 11-22. In Juni’s article, he speaks about psychopathy and the experience researchers have with children as well as adults and why they do the things they do. Two psychodynamic conceptualizations of aggression are presented in this article. One is connoting a basic destructive drive, while the other is portraying aggression as a means of ensuring gratification and countering frustration. Sadism is when someone continuously re-enacts violence or something bad. They have certain rituals that they follow that attribute to object relations disturbances. The key factor is this type of psychopathy, is that people with this problem enjoy making others suffer and inflicting pain on them as well. These things are usually caused by unresolved relationships that happened in the past and now they re-enact with a reparative intent.
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sm_article_2 - Nancy Crawley 1/28/11 Juni, S. (2009)....

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