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Current Issues Unethical Behavior In past 20 years or so sports agencys have been criticized for being unethical 5 key problems in the profession: income mismanagement, incompetence, conflicts of interest, charging of excessive fees, and overly aggressive client recruitment Income mismanagement is probably the most devastating for a player Agents have also been accused of performing their responsibilities negligently because of sheer incompetence Agents may make promises they can not keep in fear of losing a client Conflicts of interest raise serious questions about the fiduciary duty of loyalty required of all agents under agency law Agents sometimes put their interests before their athletes Under NCAA rules an athlete loses his or her eligibility if he or she signs with a sports agent and accepts anything of value from a sports agent Regulation of Sports Agents
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Unformatted text preview: Agents representing athletes in MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and the Canadian Football League are regulate by players associations Player associations have created uniforms: athlete-agent representation agreements that have clauses mandating the arbitration of disputes between players and their agents Race and the Sports Agent Industry People believe in the field of agents there should be more opportunity for those of color People wanted the African American players to get colored agents Summary Sports agencies are a highly competitive business Keeping a client is a battle Some agents work part time and making other money through law, marketing, accounting, or financial planning Agents need to be aggressive when recruiting clients Over 80% of the athletes are represented by approximately 20% of agents...
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