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Nancy Crawley As I sat down and read these specific pages, motors in my head began to turn as I read about character and personality ethics. Covey stated that someone can have great character but lack communication and vice versa. I completely agree with Covey here because this very much relates to me. It relates to me because I am great when it comes to having character but I lack in the communication department at times, because I am a very reserved person. I may not always voice out loud my opinion, but through the way I behave people realize I am they type of person who leads through character, not necessarily communication. On the other hand, Covey said some could be great with speech and horrible with character. An example of a leader like this would be Jim Bakker who was a preacher and popular host of The PTL Club, which was a popular evangelical Christian TV show. H had great communication skills and preached gospel to people to always do right and live by God. He was so good at what he did, that he got people
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