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Nancy Crawley Prince/Tao Paper Both books, The Tao of Leadership and The Prince , make some very good points that are great to apply to everyday leadership situations. Each text varies greatly and is almost completely opposite of one another. Machiavelli’s The Prince is more about leadership with power, strong authority, and cruelty to get people to follow you. On the other hand, Tao is more about unity, leading through example, and selflessness. The main question these books try to answer is how to be a good leader. Prince and Tao are two very good books for someone to read who wants to learn aspects that make a good leader. Each book gives some similar advice but in different wording. For example, Tao and Machiavelli both speak on the matter of how a leader should show great care for their followers, and in return they will be loved and respected. This type of advice is all seen in the business world today. If a CEO of a particular company shows great interest in what his employees have to say and treat them with respect, then the employees are likely to respect her/him and work harder for the company. Within this link between Tao and Prince, we can see Covey’s habits two and five. We can compare this to habit two, because it is dealing with principals, values, and having the end in mind. The CEO of the company is displaying a set of good values because he is showing interest in the workers opinions. Also, he has the best interest of the company in mind so he is helping the company by being a great listener. Seeking first to understand then to be understood is also seen in this scenario, which is Covey’s habit five. The CEO is first listening to the employees and then explaining his side which helps reaches their goal faster.
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