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History 115 Mesopotamian and Egyptian Civilizations Mesopotamian civilizations, as well as Egyptian kingdoms, have had a great historical impact on many locations around the world today . Each culture had their similarities, as well as differences . One big focus in both civilizations was the relationships between their gods and the people . The many gods that they worshiped impacted everyday life in so many ways—from religious ceremonies all the way down to harvesting crops . Mesopotamian civilizations and Egyptian kingdoms worshipped many gods who were sometimes hard to please and sometimes very giving. Either way, both civilizations always wanted to do what they could in order to keep their gods pleased. In Mesopotamia, the environment was very harsh . Much of the religious beliefs and practices were impacted by the environment . 1 The land flooded very frequently and was always hit randomly . 2 The people could never understand why their land continuously flooded; so they believed it was because they had angered their gods in some sort of way . Floods were not the only environmental problem they faced . They also dealt with drought, rainstorms, gushing winds, and more. All the citizens in Mesopotamian believed that these many different and harsh weather climates were caused by gods who had to be pleased, and, if not, they would take their anger out on them . 3 An example of their gods being cruel and unreasonable is in the story “Epic 1 Brian Levack, Edward Muir, and Michael Maas, The West: Encounters and Transformations, Vol.1, to 1715 (New York: Pearson/Longman, 2011), 23. 2 Lecture, Week Two.
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History_115_West_in_the_World - Nancy Crawley History 115...

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