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College Food Mart Project Plan Outline Project Goal : Develop and present marketing programs to the Professional Partner to help College Food Mart increase the sales of its goods and services in Wingate, NC. Business That Company Is In : Convenience Stores/Gas Stations. College Food Mart is a Profitable business. Distinctive Competence : The name “College” helps it stand out from other competitors because it may be more likely to draw in the college students. Target Audiences and Other Stakeholders : The target audience for the College Food Mart are the people who pass through the town of Wingate, college students, and the locals around Wingate, NC. The people passing through Wingate coming from one direction may be more likely to stop at the College Mart because it is on their side of the road. Locals may feel comfortable doing business at the store because they are familiar with the workers and business. College students
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This note was uploaded on 01/05/2012 for the course MARK 301 taught by Professor Ms.bush during the Spring '10 term at Wingate.

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College_Food_Mart_Project_Plan_Outline - College Food Mart...

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