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Nancy Crawley English 205 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Sir Gawain is an honorable knight of the round table who knows his role in life and shoots for perfection. As a knight, he stands for honor and the code of chivalry. He lives to serve King Author and be a man of honor who follows a set of guidelines. Sir Gawain not only serves King Author and God but also has given an oath to the lord’s lady. Sir Gawain, as a knight, has a set of rules and codes to live by. Through these different types of codes and laws, he realizes who he truly is and what his place in life is. He was not meant to be royal or have a lot of mistresses. Some of the codes and laws were given to knights to keep them leaning towards being more gentlemen-like so they would not run wild. As a knight and through his codes, he knows his place in life is to protect his King and the King’s Lady with his life. No matter what, they come first. He is to fight for them, stand up for them, protect them, and put his own life at stake for them. “Perfection.” This is a word wanted by many but achieved by none. No one is perfect, but many strive to be. In order to be perfect, you must do no wrong, and you cannot sin; but everyone sins. It is just “flat out” impossible to be perfect unless you are God. In Sir Gawain’s instance, he does his best to be perfect for God and his lord, as well as himself. A good example of Sir Gawain’s idea of perfection is when he tried to prove his perfection by standing up for
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Final_Copy__Sir_Gawain - Nancy Crawley English 205 Sir...

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