Final Paper- Trinty and Migliore

Final Paper- Trinty and Migliore - Shawn Varghese Theology...

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Shawn Varghese Theology 1050 C  Dr . Paul D. Molnar December 3, 2007 Migliore’s discussion on the Doctrine of the Immanent Trinity Throughout the life of a Christian, he or she undergoes many problems, troubles, and difficulties that question everything they know . A true Christian, when undergoing such hardships, will always seek God and find refuge in Him . In the same way, when a theologian yearns to discover more about theology, they should start and constantly refer back to the doctrine of the Immanent Trinity . The doctrine of the immanent Trinity, a cornerstone of the Christian faith, is basically the idea that God eternally exists as the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit . This doctrine illustrates how God should be the center of our thinking . This serves the purpose of defining our object of worship and source of truth, the triune God . In his discussion of the Trinity, Migliore makes many points, both positive and negative . Positively, Migliore starts his discussion with Christ. “In other words, the starting point or root of Trinitarian faith is the good news of the love of God in Christ that continues to work in the world by the Holy Spirit .” (Migliore, 67) But Migliore doesn’t stay consistent, especially in his discussion of ‘depth grammar’ and social analogy . Migliore ultimately fails to recognize that the Trinity in itself is able to define God and cannot be replaced by relationships .
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As mentioned before, Migliore starts of his discussion on the Trinity well, speaking of God in a specific way . “Christian faith and theology do not speak of God in a general and indefinite way; they speak of God concretely and specifically” . (Migliore, 66) He also speaks of biblical text referring to the triune God . Migliore supports the definition of the trinity by writing how the trinity is one . “Scripture affirms from beginning to end that there is but one God .” (Migliore, 68) But Migliore is then able to show the three distinct parts of the trinity by writing “The God known in Jesus Christ by
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Final Paper- Trinty and Migliore - Shawn Varghese Theology...

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