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Chapter 2 Questions Nancy Crawley 1. Means you select a block of text in the document and then do what kind of operation or change you want to take place to the selected text. 2. The clipboard is a memory location that holds up to 24 items for you to paste into the current document, another file, or another application. The function of the clipboard is to hold things that you cut or copy and then allows you to repast them in another area. The office clipboard and windows clipboard is the same thing. 3. Normal view is what it looks like when you have word pulled up typing on it. Print layout view shows how the document will look when it is printed out. You might want to switch from one view to the other, because when you look at the print layout view it shows exactly how it will come out and in the other view it just shows you how you see it on the screen. They both have their advantages. 4. Typography is the appearance of printed matter.
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Unformatted text preview: A serif typeface contains a thin line at the top and bottom of characters, while the sans serif typeface does not contain thin lines on characters. It’s better to use serifs when you want your eye to connect one letter with the next and generally is used with large amount of texts. The sans serif typeface is more effective with smaller amounts of text such as titles, headlines, corporate logos, and web pages. 5. In section level you can change margins, orientation from portrait to landscape, change page numbering, and change number of columns in a newsletter. In paragraph level you can do indents, spacing, alignments, indentation, and line and page breaks. 6. The format painter copies the formatting of text from one location to another. If it didn’t exist, we would have to go in at each place we wanted to make the same change and do it manually over and over again....
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